Hidden Hotel

Paris, France

Inside the Hidden Hotel, the palm wood collection and the linen covered seats of Tinja blend into the pure and serene atmosphere of this little paradise located in the heart of Paris.

Hidden Hotel is conceived as a retirement of calm and serenity in full heart of the city. As he enters the hotel, the host evolves in a universe subtly combining crafts and contemporary design.

The materials used are natural: slate, flax, stone, wood; treated in their rough state, they invite to a sensory discovery of the place. In this jewel of weel-being, Tinja’s furniture easily suits the atmosphere. 

In the lobby, the carved palm wood stools and the seats of the Tmar collection are placed in the lobby as well as the Gallery sofa. The Byrsa low armless chairs at the bar and in the rooms were especially covered for the hotel with a washed natural linen weaving.



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Through its collaboration with local craftsmen, Tinja has created seven product lines, each one using a specific material or technique, conferring each line a unique stance on local heritage


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