The project of the Closerie terrace is like a sublimation of nature and its four elements: ground, water, fire and air. Tinja designed custom-sized furniture for the project. Each part of it results from nature, made in materials used in their rough form, finished by craftmen.

The terrace evolves through three different spaces. It starts by an alignment of low sittings bordering the stretch of water, carved palm wood seats, enlightened sculptures made of vine branches and white carved wood tables. At the end of the alley, wooden structures separates six small lounges made in thick solid wood with metal details.

Far end of the terrace, a bar has been made of 30m of small wooden frames assembled together like a monumental enlightened piece of art. The whole of the project of the terrace was developed in collaboration with Behira Durand-Behar architects for this unique venue located in the northern suburbs of Tunis.

goatskin cover
Oiseaux collection
Tribal collection
natural wood

Hydra Chair

printed fabric cover

Helios chair

printed fabric cover

Eventail footrest

kilim cover

Eventail Armchair

kilim cover



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